First off, the reason we make New Year’s resolutions has to do in part with the name for the first month of the year: January. January is named after Janus, the two headed Roman god of beginnings, transitions, gates, doorways, endings, and time. This is why double agent lists are often called Janus lists (for him being two faced) and the month of January is a time of reflection as Janus looks to both the future and the past.

So what are my resolutions? The largest one by far is the podcast I’m working on: The Wonder of Reality. I’m aiming to release a new episode every fortnight, meaning that I have to learn a new topic every two weeks, write a 30 minute presentation on it, and then present it with the rest of the team. It’s going to be intense but I can’t stand the thought of not learning anymore; 2013 will be the year of science and knowledge for me.

Care to join me in my resolution of learning science? You can check out our first episode here and subscribe through all the links on the site. Happy 2013!