3 comments on “Play Smarter: Clue Sheets

  1. yes, while this works, there is a much better way that i thought of after coming up with this, then finding how hard it was to keep up my notes with more people in the game

    much like your final addition:

    i remembered the logic matrix puzzle. so you have the column as the people and the rows as the cards. as each person CANT answer on a given card you can cancel out each of those. as the rule states that if you can disprove you must. then its a simple matter of finding the card that nobody has. this simple change of the way you are considering the game is much better.

    aditionally i realized, hey wait a second, my table looks like the original clue sheet! so perhaps this style of note taking was intended rather than what is commonly interpreted.

  2. I’m still a tad confused, sorry.
    The two columns to the right of the cards, is that where one puts a mark when it can’t be that person?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. As a kid i used to do this by hand and always wanted a sheet like this, thank you so much! Maybe people will play with me again now as an adult 😀

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